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Explore Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other’s Ears – Learning Your Pets Habit

Dogs are well-known for being constant communicators. All their communication is done by their facial expressions and gestures. They are so directing your question of “why do dogs lick each other’s ears?”. It is one of the many gestures used by dogs to communicate. 

Even though the licking of ears seems unsavory and you might get worried about their constant licking. It is indeed how dogs show their affection and admiration. 

Reasons Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other’s Ears?

Reasons Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other’s Ears_
Reasons Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other’s Ears

Dogs are often called our companions. They are famous for their cute, jolly, and often hectic behaviors. Most of the behaviors are generated through the stem of behavior evolution and their communication mechanism. 

You might have seen your dog licking other dogs’ or some other animal’s ears, sometimes the humans in your house too. This behavior that seems weird to you is not an awkward thing for dogs. It is most likely that pet owners might find these things unusual, wondering why do dogs lick each other’s ears. There are various possibilities that your dog is behaving in this manner: 

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1. Grooming

Sometimes dogs lick each other’s ears just for grooming. When two dogs are living under the same roof, they consider themselves a part of one another. They groom each other more than often. It is how they establish their comfort zones. Moreover, a dog is unable to lick its ears, so they try to rely on others for help. 

Even though the ear licking may help the dogs with the ear-mites, your pet might likely get an ear infection. This is caused when the dogs lick over-enthusiastically. So make sure to check your dog’s ear often to avoid developing an infection in the ear.

2. Ear Wax

The idea of licking off ear wax sounds gross itself. However, it is not a lie that your dog might be licking the other dog’s ear because they like the taste of earwax. Yes! Even though it sounds gross, it is a fact. Dogs are known for developing a liking for far weirder things than this, so it is easier to accept. 

It can be said that your dog craves the saltiness that is present in the ear wax. Perhaps, we can also say that the dog is simply curious about exploring its ears. This behavior is common in babies, too; they are mostly found exploring stuff out of curiosity.

3. A Show of Affection

A Show of Affection - Reasons Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other’s Ears_
A Show of Affection – Reasons Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other’s Ears

Among many ways of showing affection to one another, licking the ears could indeed be one of them. Therefore if your dog is licking your ears, don’t feel awkward. They might be simply showing their admiration towards you. 

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4. Submission

When a dog considers the other party to be superior to them, then suggesting that they are submitting themselves to the other party, either by humans or dogs, they show their submission through the gesture of ear licking. 

So if you’re wondering why dogs lick each other’s ears or your ears, be happy that you have gained a true loyal pet. However, among dogs, if you’ve seen one dog licking another’s ear often. It is because they’ve submitted to the dog, and they are licking the ears to show respect.

5. Sign of Respect

Sign of Respect - Reasons Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other’s Ears_
Sign of Respect – Reasons Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other’s Ears

Dogs are animals that likely live in packs. The ear licking is often a gesture to show respect. When living in packs, it is normal to have leaders and lesser parties. So the normal dogs are often found licking the leader’s ears. The dog getting its ears licked is known as the alpha of the pack, who has done exceptionally at a defined task.

6. They Like Taste of Their Ear

Ear wax is said to taste salty, so we’ll have to take their word for it. Many people say that dogs just enjoy the taste of ear wax and will seek it out anywhere they can. Once they discover they enjoy it, it might be difficult to stop them, and the dog may begin licking the ears of humans as well.

7. Sensing Infection

While looking for infections in your dog’s ears, remember that it has an odor and a visible discharge. This discharge sometimes tastes weird to other dogs, and they develop a liking for licking the ears. If you see something, your dog has assisted you in anticipating a health issue.

8. Ear Licking is a Complex Canine Behavior

Dogs are the species that exist in packs, which means that most of their daily activities include some type of communication. The constantly shifting social structure of a pack necessitates that dogs be skilled communicators.

Mutual grooming is common between two dogs that are close buddies or family members. Ears may grow filthy, and dogs are unable to brush them on their own.

It is common for the more submissive dog of the two to undertake the licking since it is a display of respect and adoration. When your dog gives you an earful of the tongue, realize that it just means he likes you!

Final Verdict:

The entire experience of dogs depends on their mouth. They sense most of their surroundings through their mouth. If you are worried about why dogs lick each other’s ears, then observe the behavior? Make sure that the act is not being done excessively, as this could be the reason for your dog’s being attracted to unhealthy ear wax or infectious things. 

Interactive toys have been developed to help in such cases. It is also likely that your dog might end up engaging in compulsive behavior. This requires medical assistance. 

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