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How Soon After Having an Abortion Can You Get Pregnant?

How soon after having an abortion can you get pregnant is what most women want to know if they are going through this phase. Medical procedure abortion terminates the pregnancy. You can have an abortion if you have any medical reasons but it will not affect your next pregnancy. Many women think that it might have a negative impact on their fertility but that is not the case. You can release the egg soon after the first five days of the abortion and you can find yourself pregnant before your next period occurs.

Type of Abortion Procedure:

There are two types of abortion procedures and both of them can influence the fertility of the pregnancy. 

  • The first type is a surgical one that involves the removal of the pregnancy. 
  • The second type is medical which involves medication usage to terminate the pregnancy. 

With a medical procedure, there are more chances to get pregnant very soon than with the surgical one.

Hormonal Changes:

Women undergo some hormonal changes after an abortion. Their body might need time to stabilize hormone levels. Through the hormonal fluctuations, the regularity of the menstrual cycle can be affected. It can have an impact on their fertility.  It is also possible that the hormonal balance may be regained after a few months and start ovulation normally.

Healing and Recovery:

After an abortion, the body needs time to heal and recover. Body healing can vary depending on the individual and the type of procedure she has. Proper instructions for self-care have to be followed for this and a proper consultant has to be contacted. If you are trying for an early next pregnancy then you might cause the risk of complications. You just need to let your body heal fully and regain its strength before trying to fall pregnant again.

Emotional Readiness:

After an abortion, one not only suffers physically but mentally and emotionally as well.  The decision for an abortion can be overwhelming and upsetting at great lengths so you need time to heal physically and emotionally. Before starting your next pregnancy journey, you need to be considerate of these mental and emotional factors too. You must have counseling related to having the need or urge to conceive again.

Irregular Cycles:

You need to consult your health consultant if you are having irregular periods. They are irregular because after an abortion the body undergoes stress, hormonal changes, and emotional factors that delay fertility. There is time needed for the body to heal fully. After it has healed, the menstrual cycles will be regular and with the guidance of your consultant you may conceive.

Consulting with Healthcare Providers:

How long after an abortion can you fall pregnant, depends on the counseling of your healthcare as well. After an abortion, with their healthcare tips, you could have no problems regarding fertility after an abortion. These consultants have the skill to assess the circumstances and provide guidance and advice according to that. Your consultant will be able to help you by offering accurate information about the patient’s medical history and recovery process.

Contraception After an Abortion:

Some pregnancies after an abortion can be unintended. It is important to use contraception until the woman is ready to conceive again. There are certain contraception methods that are possible to be applied immediately after the procedure. There are others that need to wait for a short period of time.  The healthcare consultant can provide guidance regarding the contraception options keeping in mind the patient’s circumstances.

Pregnancy Precautions:

Before having the expectation for your next pregnancy, you ought to listen to your healthcare provider’s guidelines. They provide you with some precautions that you have to follow. They mostly recommend waiting for the first two menstrual cycles to let the uterus recover and heal fully.  This will reduce the risk of complications for the next pregnancies.


How long after an abortion can you get pregnant again normally?

After an abortion, you can be pregnant after your first two or one menstrual cycles.

What are the next pregnancy precautions to follow?

They are to wait for the next two periods at least and let their body heal fully before conceiving.

How can a healthcare consultant guide you through the journey of your next pregnancy?

He can check the patient’s medical history and guide them accordingly.


The fertility timing after an abortion can vary from person to person. Although it is easy to get pregnant after an abortion the consultants need you to heal physically and emotionally before conceiving.  Counseling through a health expert can help you through the next pregnancy plan safely and effectively.

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