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7 Things you should add to your San Francisco itinerary

The city of California, San Francisco, is an awesome place to visit with family, friends or even alone. San Francisco itinerary attracts tourists around the globe due to its multiple worth-seeing places. You cannot get through the whole city in the first San Francisco itinerary. There always remains an excuse to visit the place again, due to its diverse and appealing city life.

Tourists call the city fog city or Golden Gate City. If you are traveling for the first time, you need some essential guidelines. Although before setting off to any place, people often browse the internet and prepare a complete journey plan, some things can only be experienced live. This article will guide you about the top 7 things must do during your San Francisco itinerary. Have a look at:

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1. Admire the Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco itinerary - Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco itinerary – Golden Gate Bridge

If you missed the Golden Gate Bridge during a San Francisco itinerary, you would miss a great Charisma of the place. Golden Gate Bridge is a masterpiece of engineering. The 1-mile-wide bridge connects Francisco Bay with the Pacific Ocean. It was opened to the public in 1937, and at that time, it was the widest and longest bridge. Many travel guides refer to it as the world’s most admired and photographed bridge.

Though it feels tough to walk or drive to the bridge, when reached, it is the perfect destination to spend a whole morning or some part of the day. Tourists can be observed capturing the photographs all over the bridge.  Remember to keep a camera with you if Golden Gate Bridge is your next destination during the itinerary in san Francisco.

2. Visit the Union Square

San Francisco itinerary - Union Squar
San Francisco itinerary – Union Squar

During the San Francisco itinerary, Union square is a superb place for shopping. Union Square district is abundant with high-end streets with shops. Tourists roam the streets and observe the people and their style of shopping. Whether you purchase anything or not, Union square will make the San Francisco itinerary memorable.

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The afternoon or late evening is the best time to visit the Union Square district. If you are there at night time, you will love the nightlife of the place. Union square is surrounded by restaurants, bars, and food spots. You can spend classy time there sitting in any restaurant and enjoying dinner. 

3. Enjoy the Marine life

San Francisco itinerary - Marine life
San Francisco itinerary – Marine life

You may make your experience of the San Francisco itinerary remarkable by watching marine life. Listening to sea lions at Pier 39 is an interesting thing to do. The itinerary in San Francisco will be more expressive if you capture the photos and videos of the sea lions.

San Francisco’s sea lions are considered the most vocal mammals worldwide. 

At Pier 39, thousands sea lions are commonly busy sleeping, playing, moving, and fighting. Tourists love to visit the place to capture an unforgettable view of sea lions on the San Francisco itinerary

4. Get around the Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf, a waterfront area, is divided into numerous blocks. Roaming about the fisherman’s Wharf is an interesting thing. Tourists observe the casual life of the inhabitants.  Enjoy the restaurant food, street performers, souvenir shops, and more. You may also see the fishermen at work. 

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Honestly, talking about the food, it is not as tasty as considered. Another desperate thing is that food is expensive. So, do not waste your resources during the San Francisco itinerary. If your mouth is filled with water after watching so much seafood, stop at some standardized seafood bar and enjoy the crab sandwich or any other of your choice.

Fisherman’s Wharf is loaded with activity and entertainment. You will be compelled to spend greater time here.    

5. Enjoy the Sourdough bread

San Francisco itinerary - Sourdough bread
San Francisco itinerary – Sourdough bread

The San Francisco itinerary will show you the world’s best and unique bread. Nearly all restaurants and food spots are experts in baking sourdough bread. The specialty of the sourdough is that yeast and bacteria found in the air are used in the fermentation of the bread to enhance the taste and texture of the bread. 

In the United States, San Francisco is considered the best place to enjoy delicious and mouth-watering sourdough bread with unique dressing and serving.  You should never miss the sourdough bread during the itinerary of San Francisco.

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6. Explore the Exploratorium- A science museum

Exploratorium, a science museum locates between Piers 15 and 17 along San Francisco’s Embarcadero. It will prove the most iconic and allured place during the San Francisco itinerary. Exploratorium is a learning center where hundreds of discoveries are showcased. 

They aim to promote scientific discoveries with more than 600 exhibits. These exhibits include masterpieces of arts, science, and human perception. It is the ideal place to go with family and kids. People of all ages enjoy the hands-on exhibits. This San Francisco itinerary may take you into a tornado, or you may find your body upside down in gigantic mirrors.

Whatever you are doing or involved in at Exploratorium, you will find it interesting during the itinerary of San Francisco. 

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7. Have a walk in the Chinatown

San Francisco itinerary - Chinatown
San Francisco itinerary – Chinatown

After New York‘s Chinatown, it is the most prominent and famous one in the United States. After immigration, the Chinese came to San Francisco and stayed there. Due to racial separatism, this place was segregated for the Chinese only. Though this segregation is over now, and anyone can become an inhabitant of Chinatown, it stands with its name. 

Chinatown, San Francisco, is the largest Chinese enclave outside Asia. The appealing thing about the place is that the streets and the town’s roads are decorated with colorful art and lanterns. The artwork reveals the true Chinese culture and art. 

Your San Francisco itinerary is going to experience the best things in Chinatown. Tourists love to taste the original Chinese food during the itinerary in san Francisco. Restaurants, bars, and stalls with Chinese food give awesome taste and standards. 

How to get around in San Francisco? Approaching a bus or using a cable car is a common source of movement from one part of the city to another. Besides, you may hire a taxi or cab or order one for you online. Cable cars are the best choice for tourists on the San Francisco itinerary. It saves time for further visits. Rather, it saves money as well.  


As described earlier, a visit of 3 –days or 7-days is not enough to enjoy the San Francisco itinerary. Ghirardelli, Lombard Street, ferry Building marketplace, and many others are left behind to see. Coit Tower will show you a 360-degree view of the city. Twin peaks are ready to show you the whole city perspective on the next trip.  

An estimate states that 26 million visitors experience the San Francisco itinerary annually. This tourists’ favorite planet appeals to the United States inhabitants and foreigners worldwide. If you have planned to experience the San Francisco itinerary, you will always get multiple options of flights per day. Now no need to think. Just pack your bag and enjoy the next San Francisco itinerary.


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