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When Can Babies Sleep With A Lovey Smile? A Guide

When can babies sleep with a lovey is a question that comes to the mind of parents quite often. A baby goes through many stages of transition. For him, these changes can be difficult to deal with. Just like gaining control over their little bodies or sleeping alone. A baby has to undergo many stages during this transition. All you can do is bring ease into their lives by providing them with some tools and techniques. Making a lovey or a blanket available to the babies will help them have convenient sleeping.

What Are Lovies?

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Lovies and blankets are made to provide security to the babies. They are transitional and comfort objects. They are given to the babies in their state of transition from where they start depending on the objects rather than their own parents. This comforting object can be a stuffed toy or a blanket. These objects offer comfort when there is anxiety in the babies due to separation from their mothers. Having a blanket or stuffed toy called lovely will make them feel secure.

When Can Babies Sleep With A Blanket?

When can babies sleep with a blanket is the time when they are in the stage of transition. It is when the baby should have the clue about having the blanket on that it is time to sleep. It can also happen when they have to sleep without any help from your side. Having something soft and fluffy will have them feel safe.

When Can Babies Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?

If you want to know when can babies sleep with a stuffed animal, the answer is that after the first 12 months babies can sleep with a stuffed animal. You can put those stuffed animals close to the baby while they are about to sleep so they would know their time of sleeping and feel comfortable. You need to have a straight crib and bed for that to avoid suffocation of any sort.

When Can My Baby Start Sleeping With A Lovey

If parents wonder when can my baby start sleeping with a lovey, they need to know that 8-12 months is the right age to do that. You can either give them a fluffy soft blanket or a stuffed animal that becomes their favorite when they go to bed. As these comforting objects are given to the babies to ease them through their restlessness, they facilitate and support them in the absence of their parents.

At What Age Can My Baby Sleep With A Lovey

If you are too tired of handling the baby clinging up to you while sleeping and require to know at what age can my baby sleep with a lovey, remember that it is only when the time is right and the baby is 12 months old. It is when you can hand over a soft toy or blankie for their comfort and make them feel secure when feeling alone or abandoned.

Benefits Of Introducing A Lovey To A Baby

Knowing when can babies sleep with a lovey will ease your planning for their transition stage. Just keep in mind the benefits related to giving a lovey to a baby that are mentioned below:

  • It is observed that if you give your baby a lovey or blankie to cuddle, it soothes them and calms them.
  • Giving a lovey to the baby will work as a help cue for the baby’s brain to know that it is a sleep signal.
  • A lovey can help the babies feel protected and secure.
  • It gives the babies support when they are alone.


Do Babies Sleep Better Without A Lovey Or Blankie?

Babies’ naps can be disturbed without taking the help of a lovey or blankie.

At What Age Babies Are Ready To Have A Lovey?

Babies are ready to have a lovey at the age of 12 months.

Is It Safe For A Baby To Sleep With A Lovey?

To make a baby sleep with a lovey is safe only if you side it with the baby on a straight and plain bed or crib.


Babies are fragile and ask for help at all stages of life. They need to go through different stages of transition in their early months. They need help and support in handling their bodies and sleeping also. When can babies sleep with a lovey is when they are 12 months of age. Parents can use a blankie or lovey to make them feel secure and not isolated. 

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