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Safest Countries in Africa to Travel with Family

When you think about traveling to Africa many doubts and worries come to mind. It is a common conception that searching for the safest countries in Africa is a tougher task. But this article is going to make you wrong by introducing you to the beautiful and safest countries in Africa.

Why do travelers get attracted to Africa? Many underlying reasons contribute to make this continent traveler-friendly. Have a look at some of them:

  • South Africa’s time zone is similar to Europe.  It is the reason that every year millions of travelers come to visit South Africa with families and friends.
  • Visiting the safest countries in Africa costs lower as compared to other European countries.
  • The safest countries in Africa are abundant with natural beauty. Many travelers prolong their visit due to its heavenly scenic nature.
  • Every part of the safest countries in Africa is worth-seeing and requires less traveling.

This article includes the top 10 safest countries in Africa where you can travel worry-free along with your kids and other family members. Many world-famous countries and places are there to see and admire. Here are the top safest countries in Africa: 

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1. Mauritius

Safest Countries in Africa – Mauritius

The world’s famous Mauritius is one of the safest countries in Africa. It is an ideal place for honeymoon trips and newly-wed couples. Mauritius is famous for its multiple attractions. It is considered tax heaven for startups worldwide. 

People like to travel to the country due to its beautiful islands. Travelers will find here the world’s expensive resorts due to the arrival of millionaire and billionaire customers. The country is surrounded by volcanoes, underground waterfalls, marvelous scenes of the seven-colored earth, and botanical gardens. 

You can experience here the saga music. Travelers also like to enjoy the Golf courses. Travelers can get the perfect combo of all types of entertainment in different parts of the country.

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2. Morocco

Safest Countries in Africa
Safest Countries in Africa – Morocco

Tourism in Morocco is a larger industry. Government is more concerned with the safety of the tourists. The stable political environment has flourished the country rapidly. The interesting fact is that citizens also take interest in securing the tourists to maintain the repute of the country. In short, citizens are hospitable and caring. 

The country’s climate is intensely hot and travelers visit the place commonly in April to May and September to November. The lower crime rate in Morocco keeps it among the safest countries in Africa.

You must visit the urban and country life of Morocco with your family. The country has hundreds of attractions for the tourists in various cities of the land. 

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3. Malawi

Safest Countries in Africa
Safest Countries in Africa – Malawi

Malawi is a small landlocked country and is among the safest countries in Africa. Travelers get attracted to the land due to the world-famous Lake Malawi, a freshwater lake. Tourists love to do yachting, snorkeling, hiking, and many other fun-filled activities. 

Malawi people welcome the outsiders with their big smiles and warm welcoming gestures. One of the safest countries in Africa is home to islands and hidden caves. Make Malawi your next weekend destination and prove it one of the safest countries in Africa. 

If you are going to explore the Malawi caves and islands with your family and friends, it will make your trip more curious and fun.

4. Seychelles

If you want to visit any place closer to the sea, you will find Seychelles among the best and safest countries in Africa. Seychelles carries traveler-friendly weather. The tropical climate of the country attracts lovers of swimming, snorkeling, hiking, diving, and surfing from all continents of the world. Travelers remain visiting the coastal life of Seychelles round the year. The place is home to beaches, coral reefs, and luxurious resorts. 

Seychelles is a romantic place for newly-wed couples. Families and couples like to see the scenic beauty of the coasts and natural reserves. You will find the country a superb hot spot for bird watching. Travelers can see the rare birds in the national Park museum at Praslin. 

5. Botswana

Botswana’s government has given greater attention to the good administration and tourist industry. Due to political stability, the administration has controlled the crimes and it is one of the safest countries in Africa

Botswana got fame worldwide as it is the largest producer of Diamond. Travelers mostly visit the wildered parts of Botswana as Safaris are worth-seeing. Due to well-established tourism in the country, tour guides are well experienced. If you ever visited Botswana, you will get impressed by the services of the local tour guides comparatively available in the safest countries in Africa.  

6. Kenya

Kenya features  a diverse and intense climate. Snow experience in Alpine forests, deserts, hot and dry plains, freshwater lakes, coral reefs, and forests are the greater attractions for the tourists. Tourists can get multiple types of climate in one of the safest countries in Africa like Kenya. 

Kenya has been famous for political instability and conflicts but it is among the safest countries in Africa. The Safari industry is the biggest in the country. The only risk and danger are of wild animals while traveling. But this risk can be minimized to zero with safety guidelines and an experienced tour guide. 

Besides, Kenya tea is famous worldwide. Like other safest countries in Africa, travelers mostly like to see the wildlife of Kenya. If you intend to move there with your family just follow all safety guidelines and never forget to hire an experienced tour guide.  

7. Eswatini

Eswatini is commonly known as Swaziland. It is considered the smallest country in Africa. Unlike other safest countries in Africa, the climate of Eswatini is diverse including cool mountainous parts of the country to the dry and hot weather. However, the country’s population is less and it is easier to travel with kids on the roads and pathways of Swaziland. 

Swaziland is home to unique birds with 507 species in the country. The birds also include the unique and extinct species of vultures like white-headed and white-backed vultures. Mkhaya Game reserve is a place abundant with wildlife reserves including buffaloes, giraffes, hippo, crocodiles, and antelope. 

 The worth seeing places of Swaziland among the safest countries in Africa include Hlane National Park, Mbuluzi Game reserve, Safari wildlife Reserve, and the National Museum. Kids and families love to see the population of rhinoceros in the Eswatini. 

Bottom Line

Every trip requires certain safety measures when you plan to visit with your family. Think once, is your country safe? Crimes like pocket-picking, theft, and scams are common everywhere even in European countries where the administration is considered strict. Travelers have to get alert and protect their luggage and mates by themselves. 

The safest countries in Africa are abundant in natural scenes and attractions. Folks residing in the safest countries in Africa are hospitable and truly represent the African culture. You will admire the African masses and their cooperation with the foreigners. Be careful before packing the luggage, you must be sure about the climate of the country you wish to travel to. 

Additionally, if you have an experienced tour guide while traveling in the Safest countries, this trip will bring a lot of fun and entertainment safely for you.

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