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Juice For Babies: Right Time To Introduce It Into Their Diet

Deciding what to feed your baby is important for both mothers and fathers. It is good to know what they can eat and drink. If you are thinking about giving your baby juice but do not know whether it would be healthy for them or not, then do not worry! We are here to help you. 

In this guide, we will give you all the answers to your questions about “when can babies have juice” or when it is the right time to start giving juice to babies. We will also tell you what your baby needs to grow healthy. By reading this, you will learn everything you need to make the best choices for the health and happiness of your baby.

Right Time To Introduce Juice To Babies 

Here is given all the information regarding “When Can Babies Have Juice To Drink”. However, when it comes to giving babies juice, it is best to wait until they are at least one year old. Waiting until this age makes it easier for their tummies to handle juice and reduces the chances of problems that can happen when babies drink it. Even after 12 months, doctors say it is not a good idea to give toddlers juice too often.

The reason for this is that juice does not have all the important nutrients that babies get from formula or breast milk. It also has a lot of calories. Plus, giving juice too much can mean babies are taking in extra calories without the good stuff that their bodies need to grow stronger. 

Problems That Can Be Caused By Having Too Much Juice 

Having too much juice can lead to multiple issues in babies. It can make babies gain too much weight and have problems with their teeth. In some cases, it can even cause diarrhea in babies and toddlers.

Thus, to make sure babies are getting the best nutrition and staying healthy, it is important to stick to formula or breast milk as their main drinks during the first year. If you are unsure about giving juice to your baby, it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor. They can give you advice based on the specific needs of your baby.

Benefits Of Adding Water In Juice For Babies

Before you decide to give babies some juice, make sure it is a small amount and dilute it with water. Use 1 part pure fruit juice and 8 to 10 parts cooled boiled water. 

Now, let’s talk about when it is okay for babies to have juice mixed with water. Or When Can Babies Have Juice Mixed With Water? You can give juice to your babies only during mealtimes and when your baby is 1 year old or older.

Once your baby turns 1 year old, they can have juice like orange or apple juice, but not more than 4 ounces a day. However, mixing it with water helps to keep their sugar intake in check. Another healthy choice for babies who eat solid foods is to offer them whole fruits.

Juice Or Water – What Should You Give To Your Babies 

Are you in demand to know When Can Babies Have Juice Or Water? Or is it safe for your babies to drink juice? To know whether you should give your babies juice or water and what age is best for babies to have juice or water here is given a quick guide for you. 

When your baby is 6 months old, it is safe to give them a little bit of water, but it is still better to avoid juice. Only when they start eating solid foods might they need some extra liquids. During this time, it is healthier for them to drink water and eat fruit instead of having fruit juice. 

The fruit has something called fiber, which is good for digestion, but juice does not have these healthy fibers. Thus, drinking juice could develop a habit of sweet drinks in babies that is not good for their health. So, it is best to stick with water and give them fruit to eat instead of juice especially when they are around 5 months old.

Can Babies Have Juice To Treat Constipation?

If your baby is at least four months old, you can try giving them certain fruit juices to help with constipation. Prune, apple, or pear juice work well for relieving constipation compared to other juices. However, you should make sure the juice is 100 percent fruit juice and it does not include any chemicals. For babies between four and eight months old, it is recommended to give them 2 to 3 ounces (60 to 120 mL) of fruit juice each day to help with constipation.


To sum up, it is best to avoid giving juice to babies under 12 months old. Juice does not have much nutrition for babies and can cause problems with their teeth, make them gain too much weight, and make them like sweet drinks too much. 

However, until babies are 6 months old, they get enough to drink from breast milk or formula and do not need any extra drinks. When babies start eating solid foods at around 6 months, you can give them a little water along with breast milk or formula. 

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