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3 Harsh Facts About Long Distance Relationships

Indeed! Long-distance relationships are not easy to handle. You spend most of the time craving for that person, and when you finally get to meet each other. Time flies! You can only talk about some of the things that have happened in a while.

There are hundreds of things that can spoil a long-distance relationship. Unusual fears and doubts start crawling in, disturbing two people’s mental peace and life standards. In the same way, long-distance relations fail with the fact of not interacting face-to-face every day. People find it really unhealthy and suffering not to meet their partner daily.

And for many such solid reasons, long-distance relationships have become really prevalent. In this article, 3 harsh facts long about distance relationships are going to be discussed. So stick to the line and keep reading!

1. Lack Of Physical Intimacy

Lack Of Physical Intimacy

Have you ever wondered why people avoid long-distance relationships?

Because the absence of physical intimacy has become one of the hardest facts about long-distance relationships. 

Sometimes a person feels like he is dating his laptop and phone but not a real man/woman. Living with this deficiency is hard to bear when you are longing to be close but are actually miles away from that person.

Also, it is scientifically proven that physical touch calms a person in a bad mood. And imagine you’ve come home after a messy and tiring day and don’t have your partner to hug or hold. How pathetic would you feel!

That’s exactly what every person in a long-distance feel like.

You miss out on the little details of your partner; You don’t know him/her personally; what would he/she be doing at this time? What’s my partner’s favorite book? How is the taste of his/her cooking? Such questions about your loved one come to mind when you don’t live with them.

Sometimes physical intimacy leads to comparisons, which again isn’t healthy in relationships. Comparisons further disturb a person’s mental health, so instead, think positively and be happy for what you have, appreciate the one who loves and cares even being far from you.

2. Missing Each other & Solving Things On Your own

Missing Each other & Solving Things On Your own

Among the 3 harsh facts about long-distance relationships, this one is the hardest thing to cope with. Want to know how?

Spending apart a long period of time eventually disturbs the lifestyle, and the couples tend to miss each other every time. They miss the good memories and days spent together and have difficulty dealing with this feeling. 

 Staying in such a relationship for a long time makes a person think that his relationship won’t work. So that person starts giving less effort, time, and loyalty to it. He/she unintentionally lacks interest & commitment to his/her relationship and rather feels intimacy for others. 

Watching people enjoy and spend good times with their partners lets you miss your loved one and crave their existence. At bad times, when you genuinely need to be with your partner and you need their presence. There’s nothing you can do but miss them and solve the issues on your own. 

3. More Expectations & Less Understanding

More Expectations & Less Understanding

Being apart from your partner takes you to the path where you start to expect a lot from him/her. People usually forget that nobody’s mind can be read!

Your partner might be taking your words another way, where you were saying something else. Poor communication leads to misunderstandings, and you start expecting a lot from your partner, which isn’t a cool thing at all. Nobody is anybody’s private property, but people treat their loved ones as their own property and expect them to react and behave in a way they want them to. 

According to research, face-to-face communication is really necessary to maintain a trustworthy bond and a loyal commitment. So being in a long-distance relationship, you compromise on many things. Even the fights after misunderstandings are tough to handle over long distances. Many issues are left unsolved, and you can’t handle the mood swings, anger, or madness of your partner. 

Eventually, expectations and misunderstandings lead to worse heartbreaks. Around 70% of couples break up over such reasons as they can’t communicate or solve the issues properly. In most cases, such issues generally start after 4.5 months together!

What Else Destroys Long-Distance Relationships?

Previously 3 harsh facts about long-distance relationships were discussed in detail. Now, what else leads a good and healthy relationship to a breakup:

  • Lack of quality communication
  • Immature Attitude
  • Expecting A lot
  • Letting it get boring
  • Jealousy & Insecurity
  • Not understanding the social circles

Negative Impacts Of Long-Distance Relationships

Negative Impacts Of Long-Distance Relationships

Issues begin when one person tends to give his 100% and good energy while the other person is just trying to. This problem makes a person overthink and lets him expect more from his partner. To not let this problem negatively affect your relationship, it’s necessary to engage yourself in effective communication and discuss the confusion.

Some negative effects to be aware of:

  • Regular anxiety
  • Stress or Panic attacks
  • Possessiveness
  • Loneliness
  • Negativity

Final Thought

Long-distance is not as bad as you might think, according to statistics, About 31% is the success rate of Long-distance relationships. 50% of college students are in a long-distance relationship, while 75% have been in such a relationship.

If both persons are mature enough, they trust each other and understand the emotions they both encounter. Then long distance would really work well, and the meeting would be really exciting. 

This article was to make you aware of the harsh but true facts of long-distance relations so that you may know the reality and understand how to keep your relationship strong.

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