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My boyfriend loves me, but I feel insecure; why?

To love and be loved is a beautiful feeling. It is love that binds two different people together. The person you love becomes your world and everything in it. However, many would say I know my boyfriend loves me, but I feel insecure despite their strong relationship with them. Having a supportive partner boosts your confidence, but if you still feel insecure and low esteemed, you need more than their support.

What to do if your boyfriend makes you feel insecure

Insecurity in a relationship will shake your ground and make it hard for you to move forward with them confidently. If you think I know my boyfriend loves me, but I feel insecure, you must stand up and do something about it before it is too late.

If you are worried about your partner and want to know what to do if your boyfriend makes you feel insecure, here are a few steps to follow to solve your problem.

  • If your boyfriend keeps trying hard to make you realize he loves you truly and you still feel insecure, you need to work on appreciating yourself. The more you understand yourself, the more you will believe them.
  • It would help if you focused on your self-esteem by focusing on yourself and prioritizing yourself. This way, your confidence will be boosted, and you will feel pleased with whatever you have.
  • You need to stop overthinking and focus on what is right in front of you instead of on what is unimportant.
  • Question your doubts about your partner and try consulting a therapist if needed.
  • Express yourself openly to them to let them know how you feel.
  • You can bring back the passion in your relationship, igniting a spark. Make your relationship worth everything, and do whatever you can to keep it alive.

Should I tell my boyfriend I feel insecure?

The ones who are going through insecurity issues want to know if I should tell my boyfriend I feel insecure. The answer is yes; you need to talk to them, communicate with them and open up to them to let this trouble go away from your life. Sharing your insecurities will let them know what is happening, and they will act more lovingly and supportively to you.

Signs of an insecure bf

Signs of an insecure bf can be known from a distance with the act of silence, jealousy, or clingy or manipulative behaviors. Here is a list of the most common signs you need to know to deal with them:

Exaggeration of the truth

An insecure boyfriend will always exaggerate the truth in front of you by making himself extra talented, successful, and handsome, and you are lucky to have them by your side.

Attempt to prove themselves

A confident man will never feel the need to prove his masculinity to anyone, whereas an insecure man will do. He suffers from ego problems and keeps trying to be defensive or try the extra mile to prove himself.

Loves compliments

Your man will always ask you questions about himself and expect admiration and appreciation from you for the way they are. He will ask you to praise him and his looks and confirm that you love him.

Easily jealous

Your boyfriend will make you feel that he is very protective and macho, but later, his overprotectiveness will become his obsession. He will cling to you by calling or texting you and cannot see you happy with anyone but them.

 Being critical most often

There is another sign that a person like this will develop criticism against you. He will focus more on your shortcomings than his own. He will always give you critical remarks and blame you for upsetting them.

Always playing the victim

Such a person will always play the victim. He will tell you how he had bad past experiences that led him to behave like this. He will gain your sympathy and kindness by referring to his past most often.

Playing mind games

Such an insecure boyfriend will always manipulate you with his words. He will always tell you how you bother them and put all the blame on you. He might also come to the point when he wants to break up with you, and you will beg him to stay.


Having insecurities in a relationship will destroy all the pleasures of it. If you are feeling insecure in your relationship despite receiving so much love from your partner, you must focus on boosting your self-confidence and esteem to make things right on time.

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