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How Long Does a Cat Hold a Grudge? WHY, HOW LONG, AND ADVICE

Do you have a cat? So how long does a cat hold a grudge? Then it would help if you read our complete article because we will discuss everything about it here.

A cat indeed holds a grudge, but why? It is a question that most people want to know because they are confused about why their cat becomes aggressive suddenly. So, we can tell you some factors that may be the reason for the cat’s aggression.

How Long Does a Cat Hold a Grudge?

How Long Does a Cat Hold a Grudge
How Long Does a Cat Hold a Grudge_ WHY, HOW LONG, AND ADVICE

If you want to know how long will my cat hold a grudge, you should first know about the cat’s memory and behavior. 

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According to research, it was concluded that kittens have a short memory, so they have fewer grudges. While research also shows that cats can remember things and tolerate up to 16 hours.

Indeed, cats don’t have a grudge, but they feel other things such as happiness and sadness. So, if you see that your cat is sitting alone, then don’t think that cat has any grudge against you. The reason for the cat’s lonely sitting is maybe sadness. So, it would help if you sat beside the cat or talked; it will help the cat forget sadness soon. Then she will return to regular activities.

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The Memory of a Cat

The following are the two kinds of memory that cats have. It is similar to human memory:

1. Working memory

The role of working memory is to help cats to recall information at any spot. Several tests are taken from cats, such as many toys given to cats and asking to select any toy.

If there is a delay of about half a minute between selecting and showing the toy, the cat can’t remember that toy. So, cats can’t recall which type of toy they have chosen. It shows that cats have less working memory.

2. Long Term Memory

When we talk about the long-term memory of cats, then you can see several controversies. Some research shows that cats have 16 hours long term memory. 

Studies show that cats have 4 hours of memory that lasts for about two days. A large range of memory shows that several factors help in long-term memory. The memory varies based on age, breed, and atmosphere.

Is Your Cat Mad at You?

Is Your Cat Mad at You
Is Your Cat Mad at You?

You can easily irritate your cats if you don’t fulfill their wishes. Cats try to communicate with the body that may be random. So, it would help if you focused on such indications of your cat.

It is good to give some time to the cat after these indications. You should escape the condition and allow your cat to take some time. Through this, you can come to know the reason for the cat’s irritation. So, you must ensure not to commit such a mistake again.

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What Did You Do to Irritate Your Cat?

What Did You Do to Irritate Your Cat_
What Did You Do to Irritate Your Cat?

It isn’t easy to know what your cat is thinking. There are several spots where you irritate your cat, so creating a good relationship with cats isn’t easy. While if your cat likes you and believes you, she will heal soon.

It would help if you did not think old cats are not aggressive. When cats become older, they have more anger than Youngers. Old cats are facing several issues related to age and other factors. So, they may get irritated soon because of your behavior. The following are the ways that how you may irritate your cat:

  • If you handle your cat without agreement. 
  • If you touch-sensitive body parts such as the belly or pads.
  • Cats may also irritate if you mistakenly walk on their tail and cause discomfort.
  • If cats face delays in feeding and playing
  • Cats may also be irritated if you pay attention to other animals.

There are some cases in which you are innocent, but your cat may be aggressive with you. 

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What Is the Best Way to Apologize if Cats Hold Grudges?

What Is the Best Way to Apologize if Cats Hold Grudges
What Is the Best Way to Apologize if Cats Hold Grudges? – Tango Family

If your cat has some grudge against you, you can see it in her behavior. So, you need to know the reason for this grudge. When you have come to know the reason, try to solve it. Though, it is not a surety that things will again become normal quickly.

You need to cuddle and provide a friendly environment to cats when they come to your lap. If you don’t love cats and treat them harshly, they strongly grudge against you.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have discussed how long does a cat hold a grudge. Cats do not hold grudges for a long period, but they can be irritated with your activities. Several factors may be the cause of irritation.

If you have cats, you must ensure that your activities are not the cause of the cat’s aggression. If you keep cats happy, then they will never hold grudges.

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