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3 Days in Hong Kong – a Complete Itinerary

3 days in Hong Kong, isn’t this sentence sounds so cool? Indeed, exploring Hong Kong in 3 days seems like an impossible deal, especially when you visit any place for the first time and don’t know which direction leads you on which road

So, in this situation, planning or thinking about 3 days in Hong Kong is such an astonishing thing

As by the name of the title, you guys are quite aware that my today’s article is all about the 3 days in Hong Kong in which I try my level best to counter all those essential and main points which you guys must visit as visiting is not an easy deal.

Before leading you guys towards this Hong Kong itinerary guide, let me tell you one thing, and that is, before writing this article.

I was searching a lot and read a ton of loaded articles, which I usually do before writing anything, so the same goes here in this 3 days in Hong Kong guide

The thing that made me shocked during these 3 days in Hong Kong is that before the time of searching, I thought that Hong Kong was such a big, busy, and modern place, where people were entirely professional and not that much friendly, but after reading the various articles and loads of videos, I realized that no, there is nothing like that. I was wrong.

As there is a lot more I didn’t know about this place, the place itself has hidden a lot of secret myths and attractive spotted points that are enough to appeal to anyone whether he or she is a native, foreigner, or even a tourist.

Instead of dragging this more, let’s get the ball rolling and come back to the point and reveal these 3 days in Hong Kong myth together.

How to get around Hong Kong?

3 days in Hong Kong
Hong Kong – How to get around Hong Kong?

Well, when it comes about to get around Hong Kong, especially in these 3 days in Hong Kong The restriction means you need to act wisely instead of wasting any single moment.

So once you landed in Hong Kong, your 3 days in Hong Kong time is started after landing, you have two options: one is to use the access a taxi, the metro, or public transit, and the second one is by foot.

In this scenario, when it comes to the 3 days in Hong Kong’s cheapest option, I recommend you guys skip the taxi and consider the boat, metro, or public transit system. They are budget-friendly or even explore Hong Kong on foot.

But Hong Kong is too big, and in these restricted 3 days in Hong Kong, you can’t explore the whole place on foot. As it is divided into islands parts where you need access to the metro or the boat.

So the best way to explore Hong Kong in 3 days is to point out the nearest spot attraction points. Like, the first spot, those places which are nearby your stay place explore those attraction spots on foot.

Once you have done with them all, go with the second public transit option and start exploring the remaining attractive spots that are quite away from your staying place or location.

With this, you can explore maximum points in your 3 days in Hong Kong trip without any hurdles.

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3 days in Hong Kong where to stay?     

3 days in Hong Kong
Hong Kong, where to eat in Hong Kong?

The next important factor that plays an important role or makes your living economically reliable is finding the right place during your 3 days in Hong Kong.

Living in Hong Kong is not a big hurdle, but the thing that hits the tourist most is its quite expensive paying living.

For foreigners and tourists, living and staying in Hong Kong is an expensive deal. For the sake of this, I recommend you guys prefer to live on the island water sided nearest points/ spots. The waterfront side is not that expensive and quite affordable.

Another important thing you guys have to keep in mind is that Hong Kong is divided into two names: islands one is Hong Kong islands and the second one is Kowloon.

Don’t get confused when searching your accommodation for 3 days in Hong Kong as the Kowloon also lies in the Hong Kong territory.

So it doesn’t matter from which part of the island you get accommodation, make sure the skyline is stunning and evening time is visible from your place so that you can explore and enjoy every moment without any asking.

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3 days in Hong Kong where to eat in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong - eating
Hong Kong – eating

Apart from the accommodation and living, the next important thing you have to focus on is the food. So, if you are in Hong Kong and haven’t tried its street/ local food, that means you missed the chance

Apart from its adventurous and thrilling hub spots, the place itself has a variety of superb food.

Some of its delicious and yummiest food dishes are the bubble waffles, Dim Sum, pork buns, Michelin spots, and a lot more which are enough to appeal to your tummy without any asking.

Isn’t it an incredible factor that apart from the attractive spots and family points, you can enjoy a lot of new unique dishes during your trip and enjoy every single time of your trip? Indeed it is.

Make sure, instead of wasting your money on expensive restaurants and eating hotels, you will try the local street food of Hong Kong.

Doing this means you will get a better idea about their cuisine and food taste. I recommend you guys highly to check out the peninsula hotel and Ozone bar for a local and affordable qualitative food experience.

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3 days in Hong Kong and nightlife

3 days in Hong Kong
Hong Kong and nightlife

When it comes to Hong Kong and its nightlife if you are the person who is along with your family and even not that much club-type person. I recommend visiting the ladies’ night market.

You can also visit the north point night market, Temple Street, and hong kong, other local street markets.

If you are a person who likes nightclubs and parties, then I highly recommend you to try its lang Kwai Fong and Soho. These are the best places for the bars, clubs, nightlife and parties things.

So the mentioned-above are the primary Hong Kong itinerary guide which you as a traveler or visitor must know what are the things you have to keep in mind that are essential to visit during the time of your this Hong Kong trip.

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Final Words

Apart from this, if you feel that this is not enough, or even you want to know more about these 3 days in Hong Kong. Then feel free to ping me in the mentioned-below comment section box.

I would love to trigger your queries and try my level best to come up with some more reliable, relevant suggestions, recommendations, and answers for the sake of clearing your doubts and worries.

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