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What makes a perfect relationship – An inside Psychology

Does a perfect relationship exist between you and your partner? This article will help you to seek the answer. Love is the most precious and desired thing that everyone wants in a relationship. The relationship between brother and sister, father and son, mother and daughter, husband and wife even relationships with friends, requires love, intimacy, and attachment. Without love, there are no colors in these relations. Intimate relationships are considered long-lasting and healthy ones. 

When you talk about a great relationship, it is usually considered a relationship between married couples or a romantic relationship between a boy and a girl. A relationship that contains love, sharing, attachment, and heart-touching emotions for each other is considered a perfect relationship.

Why does a Perfect relationship matter?

Human love connections are innate. As humans, we learn to make healthy and intimate relationships from childhood. Numerous studies suggest that we learn the ability to form an intimate connection in infancy as a human. An infant seeks attention, care, love, warmth, security, and immediate responses from the mother or caregiver. It is an inborn quality in humans to seek perfection in their relationships. People naturally seek to have a stable and more bonded relationship in society.

The stronger a relationship, the more perfect it seems, while the weaker relationship may end in a breakup. Breakups often cause severe psychological disturbances to the partners or at least to the loyal ones. Happy relationships are often considered ideal, but not all happy couples have perfect relationships. Healthy relationships keep couples satisfied and increase romance in life.  

How can you know that you have a perfect relationship?

Everyone experiences a different level of relationship with their partner. The couples who are considered ideal will agree to the given features that exist in every healthy relationship:

  • Communication: When you can communicate openly with your partner, it will help you move towards a perfect relationship. Communication between the partners always matters. Whenever they face issues or feel lonely, a perfect couple will discuss them with each other without hesitation. The bold and frequent positive dialogues among the couples keep them close.  
  • Interests: Couples with the best relationships arrange new activities to maintain their interest in the relationship. You need to arrange dates, a candlelight dinner, a visit to an exhibition, or visits to various calm places to spend time with each other. This delightful time keeps the perfect relationship on track, and couples feel more intimate with each other.  
  • Conflicts: Ideal couples always respect the conflicts in the arguments. If you have any disagreement, that does not mean that your relationship will be spoiled; rather, it is a normal part of a perfect relationship. If your partner often raises a voice against your negativity pleasantly and you appreciate or consider it respectfully, it means you have a special bond with your partner. Many couples often start quarreling with each other in disagreements and humiliate each other. Such conflicts sometimes become a great reason to get apart, or the relationship may end in a break-up.    
  • Emotional attachments: If you are bonded in a love relationship with your partner, it will add beauty to the relationship. Ideal couples are densely attached and sensitive to each other. It is the reason the perfect relationship enables the couples to stand with each other in a good or bad time.
  • Trust & loyalty: An unfaithful spouse will consider the other one the same. Trust and loyalty is the key to a happy relationship with the spouse. When one or both partners do not trust each other, it spoils the relationship. Such relationships are considered weak and often end in misery. Relationships that are not trustworthy often become a reason for divorce among married couples. 

Misconceptions about a healthy relationship

When you build a love relationship with someone, you may fall prey to the common myths and misconceptions that spoil the relationship and keep the spouses at the edge. Here are some common misconceptions that couples perceive:

  • People consider that romance is the key to a perfect relationship. It is completely a false conception. Various studies suggest that the type of love relationship continues to change as the relationship gets stronger and older. The relationship, in the beginning, maybe more passionate and romantic as it grows stronger. It may develop into more complicated and less romantic. It is a common observation that many romantic couples are often unable to carry on a healthy relationship for a longer time. 
  • A “mind-reading” misconception is that my partner knows what I want. If someone loves you, it does not mean they know well what you want and what you do not. It is a general reason for the distance among the partners. Love does not mean that you know the habits and desires of your partner well; rather, it sometimes requires a long time of your life to understand a person. Some personalities are so complicated that every day mirrors a new aspect of that person in front of you.
  • Another famous myth is that if you love someone, you can automatically develop good communication. Communication always needs to be improved through learning. A couple who is used to having open and bold conversations can maintain a satisfactory level of communication. Listening to each other calmly, and clarifying things to avoid misunderstandings and assertive behavior are necessary to maintain a perfect relationship. 

When to seek help?

You are leading a satisfying life with your couple, or you are considered an ideal couple in society; you might have led to unsatisfied moments in your relationship. Fights and conflicts are usually considered part of a normal life. But there might be some moments when you feel helpless. Financial problems, unfaithful behavior of the partner, or decisions over parenting often cause greater conflicts. It is when you need to discuss your issues other than with your spouse.

When you have frequent conflicts and fights time and again on the same topic or due to the same reason, it is time to take your issue to a psychologist. A psychologist can better evaluate your issue and help you to improve your communication and relationship with your partner.   

Tips for building a perfect relationship

All kinds of relationships bear ups and downs in life. A healthier relationship is committed and willing to the changes in the relationship. Here are some tips that can help the partners to develop a long-lasting love bond.  

1.  Spend quality time

In this life of the hustle and bustle, it is very tough to get time for oneself or the family, but one should spend quality time with the partner to keep the relationship healthy. The happy couples regularly extract time for each other. They keep the delightful memories alive. They remember the first date or when they used to meet in hesitation. You can spend quality time doing activities like:

  • Having a look at old photo albums
  • Enjoying a cup of tea or coffee
  • Enjoying the weather from your terrace with your partner
  • A walk in the street
  • Traveling to a new place like a restaurant or fun place that has been inaugurated recently
  • Doing shopping together
  • Memorizing some old commitments and committing the new promises
  • Have fun by playing your favorite game with your spouse
  • Enjoying common interests and activities
  • Talking with a common old friend

Such activities keep you connected with your loved ones. You can better understand the habits and personality of your spouse by spending face-to-face time with your partner. A strong relationship demands frequent healthy activities and extra time for the partner. 

2. Communicate frequently

Child rearing, financial issues, house chores, and jobs are the key factors that keep the two partners busy in their life, and they do not get time to share things. Frequent chit-chat keeps the stress away from a healthy relationship. You can upgrade the communication level with your spouse by following tips:

  • Understanding the likes and dislikes of the spouse creates harmony in the relationship. 
  • Try to focus on the partner’s non-verbal cues as the action of a person can tell you more as compared to the words.
  • Never assume and guess things. Just tell your partner what your desire is.
  • Become a good listener. Never judge others without listening to a complete story. Listen calmly and suggest when your partner wants.

3. Stay in love

When you fall in love the first time, it is a novel and untold feeling. But after falling in love, it is essential to stay in love. Your partner surely needs commitment and attention to have a strong love bond with you for a longer time. 

Many couples just pay attention to each other when facing an issue. As the issue is resolved, they again get busy in their routine life with the kids and job. A perfect relationship requires continuous attention, care, and romance to stay in love. 

4. Keep the physical intimacy alive

Affection and attachment are innate in humans. Even infants respond immediately to the touch of a caregiver. Physical intimacy is the cornerstone of a love relationship between the partners. You can get rid of the stress of the whole day by just holding the hands of your spouse and having a light conversation. 

5. Resolve conflicts wisely

Always show flexibility when you carry out some conflict with your partner. The most sensitive time between the couples is the time of disagreement. It is when one or both partners have to give space for a shorter span if the stress increases. Avoid shouting and dragging the old conflicts and grudges in the fight. If you feel that tension is increasing, just take a break. Stop arguing and take deep breaths. A happy relationship always keeps the margin of forgiveness. 

Bottom Line

The requirements of a perfect relationship may vary from one couple to another. Every couple experiences a unique relationship. Emotional attachment, childrearing, financial support, physical intimacy, and loyalty are the common features that every person expects from a loved one. You need to work on your relationship to make it perfect and ideal. You need to avoid misunderstanding in your relationship with wise thoughts and actions. Communication is the key factor in the relationship.

A perfect relationship requires healthy communication to stay connected and in love with the loved one. Couples can often manage stress by just spending quality time with each other. If you know your partner’s psychology, it is quite easy to make your relationship stronger. But never be judgmental and put your partner in trouble.  

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