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Why Is My Two Year Old Not Talking?

Most people complain about their “two years old” not saying sentences but being able to understand everything said to them. If your 2 years old is unable to have verbal communication despite understanding what is being said to him is an indication that he is a late talker. Most children start talking after their first year of babbling and respond and communicate well, but if the child is not able to do the talking then he is to be considered a late talker. Mostly the reason behind this is that the child is shy or reluctant to do so or the real cause is still known.

How Do You Know The Two Years Old Understands You:

Understanding is developed by listening as it is part of the receptive activity of the child.  First, the child listens, then he understands and finally, he makes some moves to let you know that he has understood you. In most scenarios, a child is able to respond and act according to commands or try to tell what they need through different means such as following the gaze, making gestures, or babbling at different sound pitches but does not produce complete sentences or phrases even.

How To Know If The Child Is A Late Talker Or It’s Another Case:

Expressive language is used by most children after their first year of life. They start with babbling and then come to words, phrases, and sentences. They use all these to have expressive language to communicate with the people around them. In some cases, a two-year-old is unable to do so as he is a late talker. You can get to know if he is a late talker in the following ways:

  • The two year old uses only a few words to convey his message.
  • The two years old uses unclear or made-up words to communicate.
  • He does not repeat the words said to him or imitate them.
  • If the two years is using gestures instead of words to get what he wants or to tell what he desires.
  • The two year old is unable to join in words even like “my daddy”.
  • The child can only say yes or no and nothing more.

Reasons For The Two Years Old Not Talking:

It is mostly the case that for the two years old not talking there are a few reasons. The reasons could be natural ones such as genetics or environmental factors. Knowing the cause timely will help people use some strategies that can be beneficial for speech development over the two years old.

Hearing Loss:

Hearing loss is the cause that can make two years old not talk. Due to this loss, the child is unable to hear what is being said to him and is unable to imitate or copy.  By using his intellectual senses, he can only understand what the people around him are trying to say. Sometimes it also happens that the children unable to talk can become frustrated and aggressive causing behavioral issues as well.

Neurological Disorders:

It is also most often the case if the two years old is unable to have verbal communication, the reason is neurological disorder such as autism, or Down syndrome. For such children, the only way to develop speech patterns is to have speech therapy that can give them extensive language exposure that they cannot have in their environment otherwise.

Speech Therapy A Remedy For “Two Years Old Not Talking”:

The two years old who are not able to produce language of their own might need a speech therapist to expose them more to language helping them understand and communicate through words. The child’s development plan has to be accessible to the speech therapist so that he could continue with the process smoothly making it beneficial for the child.


People get worried when they find their two years old not talking or making verbal communication. In some cases, they are late talkers and, in most cases, they need speech therapy for a language learning environment. If there are some other reasons such as intellectual deficiency then major steps have to be taken in their mental and language development. 

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