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Strict parents how to deal with this myth?

What comes first in your mind when you hear that your pals or buddy’s parents are strict? Indeed in this 2021 hearing, something like strict parents creates a bit confusion especially when someone is in teen or mature age so at that time hearing the strict parents is somehow a confusing thing.

But no need to get worried, as by the name of the title you guys are quite aware that my today’s topic is all about strict parents. In which my main concern is to target the strict parents that’s why some parents behave so strictly and what’s the reason behind this?

Before triggering this strict parent’s myth let me clear you one thing, as you guys must be thinking that why I picked this strict parent’s topic so the reason behind this is simple. Before writing this article, I spent a lot of time on the web and during the time of searching, I realized that people are quite curious about this strict parent’s myth as they don’t know the actual reason behind this myth.

So from there, I decided to highlight this strict parent factor.

To continue this tail, let’s get the ball roll and come back to the strict parent’s topic and reveal the myth of these types of parents together.

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Self-discipline and accountability

Strict Parents – Self-discipline and accountability

Well, the first main reason behind this strict parent myth is their self-discipline and accountability. Like some people follow the rules and regulations. 

For them, the value of time and accountability is more than cherishing and enjoyment.

That’s why they implement and want to create this habit in their kids and act so strictly instead of kindness and caring.

Additionally, on the other hand, that is why you have noticed that strict parents are controlling the reason for their controlling nature is the same which I mentioned-above the accountability. They want to train their child like themselves that’s why they use the strict parent’s tactics.

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Feeling insecurity

Strict Parents
Strict Parents – Feeling insecurity

Another reason for becoming strict parents is that they feel insecure. Sometimes it happens as the new parents start comparing themselves with the other parents and during the time of comparison they start to feel insecure and get the negative vibes that will they become the future best parents or tackle their kids or not? Or will they grow their kids along with a good character or not?

So having all these credentials create a big confusion in their minds and that’s why as the result of this, they start acting or behaving like strict parents

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Because of the competition/ race

Strict Parents
Strict ParentsBecause of the competition/ race

Another reason behind this strict parent myth is competition. As you guys have seen that there is a competition in each and everything whether it’s about education, art, participation, sports, and even extracurricular activities. Every kid is under pressure and in the race of achieving the best as they know that their parents are setting high hopes and demands.

Kids can’t be able to take any decision

Strict Parents
Strict Parents – Kids can’t be able to take any decision

Another harsh result of strict parents is that kids can’t make any decision by themselves. Why? As they have the inner fear that if they say or take any decision which is against the wish or will of their parents so what will they say? Or how will they react? 

Just because of their anger or fear they lost the ability of their self-decision making which does not bother them at their early/ initial stage but creates difficulty when they are growing up.

And, that is the reason these sorts of children confronting bullies issues and other ignorance or shame issues in their high school, universities, and colleges.

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Because they have the inner fear and that all occurs/ happens because of their parent’s strict behavior or anger.

But wait, this is not the end, there are lots of questions, complaints, and demands that people ask or want to know their answers especially the kids who have strict parents, want to know the reason.

So, to consider this and in the series of strict parents, once again counter this strict parents question under the consideration of psychological factors together.

What psych/ psychology/ psychologist says about strict parents?

Well, when it comes to the psychological perspective, the reason behind this strict parent is that, parent’s acting or starting to become strict because they are getting/ setting, and hoping for the high demands and want to see their kids in higher positions. 

So for the sake of this, they are getting aggressive or strict as they want no compromise in higher positions and results.

That’s why you have noticed that when it comes to mental and emotional peace so the maximum cases are related to this in which kids complain that their parents are not treating them well.

On the other hand, this is sometimes becoming mentally torture for some kids and this mostly happens for those kids who are sensitive by nature so facing this mentally pressure or strict parents behavior slowly and gradually lead them towards the severe mental disorder which is also known as the depression and for some time becomes the cause of the suicide.

The cases of suicide are high because they (the kids) feel that this is the easiest approach to avail instead of answering r facing their strict parents and their aggressive behavior.

What’s the solution to this myth?

After having the long and detailed mentioned-above discussion about the strict parents the solution of this is simple. If you as a parent want to see your kid happy or love your kid then say no to strict parent’s rules and stop acting so authoritative.

At the end of this, the result of these things is severe and harsh. This directly hits your kid’s mental health, as well as lowers down your kid’s confidence, morale, and your kid starts feeling the inner fear or insecurity which surely not just affects your kid health but also affects your kid academic results.

So if you want to see your kid mentally healthy, happy, confident, cherish, and overall good enough in all ways then stop trying to use or implement strict parent’s tricks. 

Try to act politely, use kind words, treat your kids friendly, ask and guide them about the good and bad, treat them with love, show and do some kind and good acts in front of them so then, they can realize what are the basic and moral rules and ethics of living a life.


After this, if you think this is not enough or you want to know anything else about strict parents or have any other related questions regarding this, then, feel free to ping me in the mentioned below comment section box.

I would love to counter all your questions and queries and try my level best to trigger them all along with some relevant answers, recommendations, and suggestions.

So what else do you want? Go and start treating your child with love.

Similarly, on the other hand, if you are expecting or even a new parent then, make sure you are far away from all these types of tricks and tactics whether it’s about controlling, authoritative, or anything else.

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