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How to spend 5 days in Barcelona?

5 days in Barcelona? Doesn’t it look so surprised? Indeed, no one even imagines or thinks to spend 5 days in Barcelona as Barcelona itself a lot more to offer, but what if you have to spend five days in Barcelona?

Indeed this is something astonishing but thrilling too. By the name of the title, you know that my today’s article is about 5 days in Barcelona.

So if you are the one who is planning to go to Barcelona or have five days in Barcelona, then no worries, this article is for you.

Instead of dragging this more, let’s quickly get the ball roll and trigger this 5 days in Barcelona myth together.

Before triggering these 5 days in Barcelona, I need to clear one thing in these 5 days in Barcelona trip, and I try to highlight the top attraction spots, or you can say places in Barcelona. 

My main point is to highlight the most prominent places. 

So, if I skipped any place, that doesn’t mean it is not on Barcelona’s attraction list; the main thing is that I am triggering the spots as per considering these 5 days in Barcelona factor.

Trigger the day 01

5 days in Barcelona
5 days in Barcelona – Barcelona Trip

In the 5 days in Barcelona, the first-day activity or the spots you have to visit are the Gothic Quarter. 

It is undoubtedly one of the main spot points in Barcelona which you must have visited. Apart from this, on day 1, you as a tourist have to see after the Gothic Quarter is the LA Rambla and LA Boqueria and the Poble Espanyol.

These names are not well-known for some of you, but without any asking, these are the topmost tourists or can be a foreigner’s attraction point in Barcelona.

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Among the five days in Barcelona, you guys must be thinking that why I mentioned so many places in the day one activity tour. Considering these 5 days in Barcelona, you need to explore a lot because of the short duration.

So, exploring these places on a day 01 trip is quite a fair deal without any fuss.

What to explore on day 02?

5 days in Barcelona - Barcelona Trip
5 days in Barcelona – Barcelona Trip

Under the series of these 5 days in Barcelona, day o2 means you have to change the attraction spot compared to day o1. It is somehow the best combination deal for those who are exploring Barcelona with their family, kids, or friends.

So, on day 02 you guys must visit the Park Guell this is the well-known or famous reputable park in Barcelona. 

After exploring the park, another spot points you as a tourist must visit is the Sagrada Familia, then Gaudi’s architecture walk, and then last but not least is the Barcelona zoo.

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Plus, on the other hand, you guys have noticed that I have listed the place mentioned above in a combination sequence. I mentioned the place’s name in a series as I know that people do not like to explore similar areas or spots. People love the variety as it’s in human nature, and there is nothing wrong with it.

Considering these 5 days in Barcelona trip, I made a sequence of places so that you as a traveler or explorer will not feel anything boring or enjoy every single exploring without any fuss.

Isn’t it interesting? Indeed it is.

What to counter on day 03?

5 days in Barcelona - Barcelona Trip
5 days in Barcelona – Barcelona Trip

When it comes about the day 03 in the series of 5 days in Barcelona, the place you have to explore is to visit the Girona. A day trip to Girona is undoubtedly a fantastic deal for you guys as a tourist to do. If you are in Barcelona and don’t explore the Girona, Figueres, and Dali, you miss a big deal.

This place is itself simply splendid and enough to appeal to you guys. Visiting there means you will explore a load of surprising things that may entice you and make you shocked.

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What to drill on day 04?

5 days in Barcelona - Barcelona Trip
5 days in Barcelona – Barcelona Trip

To continue these 5 days in Barcelona, the places you have to explore in your day 04 schedule are the Tibidabo amusement park. It is undoubtedly a fantastic deal for the kids and the youngsters, who love and enjoy the thrilling adventures.

So there they can spend their wonderful time without any hurdle, despite this, after this park the next place which you have to explore in your day 04 schedule is the Port Aventura world, the Colonia Guell, and then, the Camp Nou.

Like I mentioned above that each place has its own specific or, you can say, unique beauty. Visiting and exploring these places means you are experiencing and enjoying something new day by day without any distraction.

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What to hunt on day 05?

5 days in Barcelona - Barcelona Trip
5 days in Barcelona – Barcelona Trip

Lastly, in the series of these 5 days in Barcelona trip, the places you have to explore are the Articket museum trail, Montjuic Castle, Barcelona Aquarium, and the LA Barceloneta beach.

So, if you are the one who wants to peacefully goodbye your Barcelona trip, then make sure your last spot to visit in Barcelona is the beach as the beach itself is pretty calm, soothing, and enough to provide you a replenished light feeling.,

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So the mentioned-above are the topmost or you can say must-visit spots/ attraction points in the five days in Barcelona trip.

Some other essential things which you should know:

Despite these five days in Barcelona trip, there are some specific things, which you as a tourist must know and these are,

  • Ensure that you have installed a map (route/ guide map) that functions in both online and offline moods.
  • The second is to ensure that you have travel insurance and a travel international credit card so then you can keep yourself away from any accidents or emergencies without asking for any help. 

Plus, with the help of a travel credit card, you can get your money without detecting any additional fee charges; if you have not any international traveling credit card then, feel free to visit your bank. 

And last but not least, in case you get some spare time or let’s suppose you intend to spend a few more days in Barcelona, then try to visit these jotted down places as well.

  • A day trip to Montserrat
  • Las Golondrinas De-Barcelona Cruise
  • Palau De La Música Catalana and 
  • Mercat De Santa Caterina

So, these are the other must-visited spots that are optional, so if you get a chance or time to explore anything else, you must visit these places.

Final Words

I hope after reading the mentioned-above five days in Barcelona trip guide, you guys are pretty aware of how to divide your days and explore the top attractions or well-known places in 5 days in Barcelona short trip.

On the other hand, if you think this is not enough or want to know more in detail or anything else related to 5 days in Barcelona, please feel free to ping me in the mentioned-below comment section box.

I will love to re-trigger your questions and queries and try my best to counter them with some relevant answers, suggestions, and recommendations.

So what else do you want? Go and pack your luggage and start exploring Barcelona’s top attraction places without any hurdle and make your trip memorable for the entire life.

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