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What is emotional dependency and is it important?

Emotional dependency how many of you guys are emotionally dependent on anyone else? Indeed if we roughly estimated so the majority of the people are facing or going through this emotional dependency phase. So, without any further delay or distraction, by the name of the title you guys are quite aware that today’s article is all about emotional dependency.

The main reason for considering this topic is to educate and aware the readers that how this emotional dependency affects your life as well as leads you slowly and gradually towards distraction.

So, instead of any further assumptions, let’s take a deep dive and counter the myth of this emotional dependency together.

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When and how does this emotional dependency start?

The first thing which is important for you guys to know is from where this emotional dependency starts or what are the main causes or reasons behind this emotional dependency?

The answer or you can say the reason for this emotional dependency root is simple. Most of the time you guys have noticed that parents give their child extra love and protection as well as they pamper their child extraordinarily which slowly and gradually become the source of their emotional dependency. And as a result of this.

when a child meets his or her mature age factor so at that time instead of considering or thinking by themselves they still ask or look for their parent’s suggestions because they are emotionally attached to them and they feel that whatever their parents or dear ones are saying is right.

Plus, sometimes it also happens when someone leaves or any major or severe accident happens in someone’s life.

To continue this tale, the major disadvantage of this emotional dependency is that as a result of this their child won’t be able to feel his or herself confident no matter at which place he or she visits.

Secondly, because of this emotional dependency, other people get benefits and these effects on their lives and in result they down their morale and feel insecure and always in search of their dear ones or the ones who pamper and fight for them.

So instead of pampering your child, it is better to guide them and give your child enough level of confidence so then they can defend their selves without any kind of fear or hurdle.

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What are the main or common symptoms of emotional dependency?

Image by Bananayota from Pixabay

Well, there are loads of common and major emotional dependency symptoms but among them, some of the severe are jotted down.

The first common or you can say major emotional dependency symptoms are low self-esteem, idealization, distress, anxiety, frequent behaviour changes, anger, fear of loneliness, and feeling of guilt which in result may also lead the person towards severe or hyper depression.

See as you guys know this fact tension may lead you towards the death bed so if you really love your dear ones or even you see or feel or know any person who is in your surrounding circle or facing any emotional dependency then your immediate reaction is to help him or her.

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Helping in a sense to start spending time with that person try to speak him or she tries to know the reason of his or her fear so these are the little but effective tricks or tactics through this you can help that person and get rid of his or her emotional dependency issue without any treatment or therapy.

As things need time so if you give time to anything then, in the end, it gives you positive output without any asking.

Apart from this, other alternatives through which you can counter emotional dependency are psychological treatments or personal/ partner therapy.

So in case, if your partner is going through any kind of depression, anxiety or emotional dependency then try to remember him or her the good old memories o moments.

Any kind of cherished time so these little things will help you a lot and also through this you can overcome your partner gradually without any fuss.

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Wrapping it up:

I hope after reading the mentioned above facts you are quite clear about emotional dependency and its causes, reasons, and disadvantages. 

Despite this, after reading the mentioned above points you feel or think that this is not enough or you want to know more in detail about emotional dependency or even have any queries regarding emotionally dependent then, feel free to write me down.

I would for sure love to trigger your queries/ questions and try my level best to come up with some more relevant suggestions, answers, and recommendations.

At last, to know more in detail about any emotional dependency treatments guide, kinds, or types Google is one of the best and most trustworthy search tools through which you can easily find out your local or nearby emotional dependency clinical treatment institutes or centres.

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