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Does he get someone else pregnant? How to find it?

A woman in a relationship that has been intact from any harm or insecurity can feel the distance growing between the two. You might not have expected it to happen, but it still did. You may wonder about it too, but it is because he is cheating on you. He might have gotten someone else pregnant, and you must find out now. Can you get someone else’s pregnancy symptoms? You need to focus on the signs that he is with someone else now and has brought her pregnant.

Can you get someone’s pregnancy symptoms?

If your boyfriend or partner is not paying you enough attention and has stopped being loving and kind to you as earlier, you need to know that he has his interest in another person now. It might have started a long time ago, but you loved them so much that you ignored a few things about them that were red flags in your relationship. Can you get someone’s pregnancy symptoms? Knowing those symptoms earlier and acting according to them will save you from total devastation.

Signs he got someone else pregnant

Can you get someone else’s pregnancy symptoms? It would help if you read the signs that your partner has cheated on you. They are as follows:

Drifting away:

The first sign that you need to be concerned about is that he has changed his behavior with you. He used to be pleasant, living, and caring towards you, but now he does not focus on you that much. He has stopped showing his love for you and does not make you feel important.

 Spending a lot of time outside:

You need to be alarmed if your partner stays away from you most often. It means that he wants to spend only with you and is occupied with something other than work. He might not want to confront or face you if he has gotten someone else pregnant.

Avoids going to certain places:

It also happens that such a partner will stop going to places he used to love. It may be so that he goes to these places with the other person now being more important to him than you are.

 Stays mostly on the phone:

Such a cheating person will stay on the phone most of the time, whether texting or phone calls. He will not take you to his notice and often keeps himself busy on the phone.

Avoids talking about the future:

The person you love, who used to listen to your every detail, suddenly makes you feel detached. He does not talk to you about the future anymore; if you do, he does not respond well, leaving you disappointed.

 “The best friend girl”

He has stopped seeing many of his best friends or some common friends in your circle except one. Suddenly there is another girl whom he calls his “best friend.” He keeps texting or calling her, not even thinking about you for a second.

Introduces you differently:

If you go out with your partner, he will not introduce you to others as he used to. He will introduce you differently as he belongs to someone else. It will also be like he does not show public affection to you as holding hands and so.

Being defensive:

You may start asking questions when this practice has been going on for a long time, and he does not talk to or share anything with you. In this situation, he might get defensive and start arguing. It is also one of the Signs he got someone else pregnant.

Bad mood swings:

If your partner gets someone else pregnant, you will often find him in a bad mood. He will have mood swings and will not be ready to be with you even for a minute. Also, you will resist seeing their bad temper if you want to interact.

Fights most often:

If your boyfriend cheats on you, he will often fight with you. He will take out his anger on petty matters. He will fight with you whether you have done anything wrong or not, indicating that he is sick of all this.


People with insincere partners start having trouble in their relationship soon after they get committed to them. Obsessed by love, they cannot see those red flags or signs that can save them from big trouble. To know if your partner is seeing someone else or has gotten someone else pregnant, you must read the signs and act accordingly.

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